Seed Stitch Collective originated in 2016 after Soraya Abidin launched Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards at the Warringah Creative Arts Space. Soraya had an egalitarian mission to create new opportunities for Sydney artists, designers and makers working with textiles. She then established the collective of the current members to join together to promote our own work as exhibiting artists. As a collective, we have strengthened our visibility through successful exhibitions at Barometer Gallery, GAFFA Gallery, TAP Gallery and Sydney Craft Week 2017. SSC aims to broaden awareness of the ever evolving and very exciting world of textile art and design by bringing recognition to the quality and diversity of this genre to further the awareness of the public.

Our History

To continue the mission of SSC we are presenting Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards 2018, hosted by the Australian Design Centre. The award is an open call-out to textile-oriented artists, designers and crafts-people to create an open arena of opportunity, and to uncover the diverse range of textile artists in NSW. The event is independently funded and co-ordinated by the core members of the collective – Soraya Abidin, Sky Carter, Suzanne Davey, Niki McDonald, and Emma Peters.


Soraya Abidin is a contemporary textiles artist from Sydney. Her art practice explores the notion of interculturalism through commonalties of embroidery and quilt crafts practiced by her Malay and Australian ancestors.

Soraya’s textile work is a quest to solve the outwardly puzzling task of defining a bicultural identity. Fascinated with the stylistic clash of her Australian and Malay cultural heritage. A ‘switch’ is seen in the cultural frame of the textile materials and techniques used in her work. This switch is the primary platform in which the divide of a bicultural identity is explored and merged into one collective culture.

Soraya has a background in pattern making, a self-taught skill that she uses to create sculptural and 2D textile works. She has exhibited her work locally and internationally, completed an art residency at Rimbun Dahan Arts Centre KL, Malaysia and Public art project, Paper Ribbons mural series, commissioned by Leichhardt Council. Her work features in publications, Textiles Fibre Forum magazine, Down Under Textiles magazine, Embroidery magazine UK and features in Textiles, The Art of Mankind by Mary Schoeser, viewed in museums worldwide.


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Sky Carter is a Sydney based fibre and textile artist who operates under her art practice ‘Sky Carter Colour’. She has spent most of her life experimenting and dabbling with various creative mediums and it was through this journey of exploration that she found her passion in fibre and textile art. Sky now pursues her art practice of weaving and other contemporary textile techniques in her Inner West studio.

Sky’s motivations come through her deeply personal emotional responses to life’s experiences. She is also fascinated by cultural and zeitgeist movements and channels these elements into everything from small touching personal pieces to powerful large-scale installation work.

Completing design studies with a major in colour, she is continually developing and evolving her skills through residencies, travel and further education. She has also developed her own range of sustainable weaving tools and looms, which she uses to teach her unique weaving style. Sky runs weaving retreats and often opens her studio to nurture up and coming creative talent.

Sky has exhibited her work both solo and in-group shows as well as at art fairs. She has exhibited both locally and internationally. She is a passionate member of the Seed Stitch Collective where she helps to promote the ever-evolving genre of textile and fibre art.

Sky accepts commissions from private and commercial clients. To find out more about Sky Carter visit:


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Suzanne Davey‘s creative practice focus is on mixed media installation and sculpture. By creating spatial ensembles from textiles, ceramic, natural and everyday materials she aims to examine fragility in natural systems, social vulnerability and struggles and inter-relationships between people and spaces they inhabit. Performative qualities in her works respond to moments of transition and transformation within systems and spaces. Tactile material investigations and site research are integral to her work.

Suzanne has exhibited widely in gallery, public and natural spaces since focussing on her creative practice from 2012. Her textiles projects often utilise clothing and their associations with the haptic and bodily experiences of the world. In a recent work, a uniform is deconstructed and is then reconstructed, into a fragile network through repetitive stitching, exploring tensions between states of repair and dis-repair. Her current body of work is investigating emotional boundaries between plants and the spaces we co-inhabit through the application of textile techniques such as stitching, binding, weaving, and wrapping.

Her professional background includes arts administration, public programs, education, community arts and design.  She is involved with arts organisations such as the contemporary textile collective, Seed Stitch, Eramboo Artist Environment, an art critique group and co-ordinates the Tramshed Potters Club.


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Niki McDonald uses the tools and techniques of domesticity for urban sass and sustained self-expression. She has explored all things textiles and has a Bachelor of Creative Arts with a major in Textiles. Her needlepoint tapestries capture urban faces, spaces and attitudes and the wool, paint and stitches make the ephemeral permanent.

McDonald says, ‘I’m inspired by the ephemeral and drawn to the mechanical nature of my textile arts practice. Within the repetition and toiling is a space that allows me to connect with my intuition and inspires me beyond the daily grind. It’s the sass of urban life balanced with the pace of needlepoint tapestry’

Her work is saying that the colours and shapes from the streets empower woman and give them sass and individuality.  The repetition of the tapestry stitches echoes the pixels in digital work and is in line with the photographic term DPI (dots per inch)

It starts a conversation because street art is fast, contemporary and masculine whereas needlepoint tapestry is slow, domestic, traditional and feminine.


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Emma Peters

Emma Peters is a textile artist, writer, researcher and mentor with extensive experience in the textile design industry.

Peters’ studio practice and research considers our relationship with material culture in terms of narrative, identity, memory, place and connection. She is interested in the tangible relationships we have with textiles, and the ways in which we interact and express ourselves in the world through colour, pattern and texture. Materials and technology s are challenged and integrated to exploit their potential as evocative, emotionally durable and sustainable pieces.

Since working as a commercial textile designer with several of Australia’s leading homeware brands, Peters has been awarded a Master of Design, published research, exhibited as a solo artist and is a proud founding member of the Seed Stitch Collective in Sydney.


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SSC Newest Member


Kylie Walsh is an emerging Sydney based fibre artist. She is interested in the dynamic quality of yarn and how she can transform the tactile lithe medium into a taut bold form, to graphic painterly effect. Through the development of a wrapping technique, a kind of hybrid-weave, Kylie creates yarn paintings and sculptural objects, that are dominated by bright colours and geometric patterns.

Kylie is excited by Gestalt effects, particularly in the curation and viewers perception of the wrapped form. She tends to create work in series: whilst her pieces can be enjoyed individually, it is in the collective assembly of her work where infinite possibilities for arrangement, tessellations and pattern play emerge.

As well as pursuing her art practice, Kylie is passionate about supporting local makers. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Arts Management from UTS and has been working professionally  over the last four years in arts administration and craft retail, working with some of the best makers in Sydney’s handmade community. Under her curatorial practice We Heart The Arts she has also curated pop up events including exhibitions, markets and crafternoons.

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