Our Presenting Partner, Australian Design Centre (ADC), will host the SCCTA 2018 and will award one winning recipient an opportunity to exhibit in their window gallery. The awards exhibition held at ADC during Sydney Craft Week aims to bring the quality and diversity of textile craft and design to a broad audience.

About Australian Design Centre

Handmade is at the heart of what we do at the Australian Design Centre (ADC). For more than 50 years we have presented craft in all forms and supported makers and designers across the full spectrum of skill and materiality. ADC is just one part of an  extraordinarily diverse eco-system of making in Sydney and presenting the Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award 2018 during Sydney Craft Week is our way of showcasing many of the city’s talented makers.

Explore Sydney Craft Week here  https://www.sydneycraftweek.com/

ADC Gallery, Image: Boaz Nothman



Sponsor 1Skein Sisters is Sydney’s exciting new yarn store offering a thoughtfully curated selection of creative contemporary yarns and home for the crafting community.

Skein Sisters is the culmination of years of dreaming and planning by long-term friends Debbie McDonald and Janine Smith. Both growing up in homes filled with knitting and sewing. Frustrated by not being able to find what they wanted locally, the friends set about sourcing the products they love to delight and inspire local crafters.

It is a love of delicious yarns and accessories, together with a desire to share these wonderful treasures that led to Deb and Janine opening the store, where comfy couches offer a place to relax, knit, crochet, chat, share and attend workshops.

Skein Sisters

Seed Stitch Collective are excited to work with Skein Sisters as our sponsor for 2018! With their support of this exciting award, SSC are able to provide a new opportunity and growth of the New Craft Movement in textiles. Skein Sisters philosophy of building and supporting the textile community, celebrating talent and creativity strongly aligns with the Seed Stitch Collective. SSCTA18 sponsored by Skein Sisters directly connects the passionate art, craft and design community of Sydney and NSW by making a long-lasting contribution to its growth and future.

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